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About Us


   George & Rubaih Trading Co. (L.L.C) brings over four decades of experience to your printing projects. As suppliers of screen-printing inks, machinery and inkjet media, we have continually kept our customers updated with the latest in printing implements, machines and technical know how.


Since our establishment in 1981, we have developed a unique diversity and an expansive range of printing products and related services. Customer satisfaction has always been our topmost priority. Our mission is to aid in replication and delivery of information on virtually any medium. From paper to the digital media, from printing on textiles to Glass panels we create and manage it all with a singular passion for perfection. We have grown with our customers over the years and have been able to solve many a challenging problems faced by them in their diverse printing projects.


We have also been providing vital support to many garment factories, printing presses, event organizers and several other manufacturing units in the United Arab Emirates. 

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