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Direct to Film Transfer

Trans-o-matic DTF printer - the hardware and the experience
Our Direct-to-Film printer has been carefully assembled with high-quality hardware while ensuring simplicity in its functioning. This ensures that the DTF printer can handle industrial work-load yet is easy to handle and maintain. Coupled with our experienced service team, both on-site and on-line, and passion to serve our customers at moments notice, our customers can expect to focus on getting their job done with minimal disruptions.

The Hardware
Machine Specifications:
  • Dual head Epson I3200/4720 printheads
  • 4 channels of White and 1 channel each for CMYK
  • 60cm width DTF PET media intake
  • Muted guide rails ensures low-noise operation
  • Heated exit tray with controllable temperature ensure prints can be dried sufficiently to ensure proper adhesive powder deposition and avoid unwanted residue.
  • Continuous White ink circulation for active dispersion of White pigment.
  • Controllable Vacuum bed to ensure media stays flat to avoid head strikes
  • Auto roll-feed system
  • Print speed: 6-8 sqm/hr - 6 pass
  • High quality DTF White ink ensuring stable performance on printhead with less chances blocking the nozzles.
The Experience:
Our experience with DTF printing technology is rich. In a short span of 2 years we have actively listened to our customer inputs and fined-tune the machine, ink and accessories to best suit the Middle-eastern climate and market demands. So, you just do not get a piece of hardware when you decide to buy from us. You get a reliable DTF printer, stable inks and consumables, all the necessary solutions and our support to run and maintain (preventive maintenance) your printer and get the best out of it with less down-time and avoiding costly maintenance. 
DTF consumables:
High Quality DTF inks:
  • Our inks are fine tuned to the climate of the Middle-eastern region.
  • Bright white and high opacity
  • Stable performance on Epson i3200/4720 printheads.
  • Far less clogging issues than other brands.
  • Bright and vivid colors.
  • Inks have very good stretchability
  • Transfer well onto a variety of substrates like cotton, poly-cotton, , Polyester, Canvas, Jute, PU leather and more.
  • Available in single-side coated and double-side coated
  • Easy release on transferring
  • Semi-matt finish
DTF Powder:
  • High bonding powder
  • Good washability
  • Low smoke while curing
  • Good stretchability
  • Black DTF powder Available - best for blocking color bleeding (sublimating issue)
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