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Screen Printing Inks

    We currently offer more than 25 different ink series, suitable for widely divergent applications and substrates. Our product offerings includes inks for printing on most plastics, Metal, Glass, Ceramics, Balloons, textiles, various transfer systems, inks according to toy specifications, color mixing system for Pantone® color simulation and several specialties. We have partnered with the best manufactures In the industry to provide our customers with only the best. We are constantly introducing new products to meet the growing and changing needs of the marketplace.


Visprox Inks (Italy)

  • TCI Series: Multipurpose ink for PVC, acrylics, lacquered metals, aluminum, treated polyethylene and other synthetic materials.

  • Mutliplast 300: On all current PVC materials, coated polyester and various other synthetic material

  • UR 2500: Nylon & Polyester fabrics, indirect printing by means of textile transfer

  • NTS - Traffic Sign Inks: Glossy, slow drying two-component screen printing ink for the printing of retro-reflective foils for traffic signs. The NTS 4400 has an excellent weather resistance as well as an excellent light fastness.

  •  PVF 1200 (Fluorescent Inks): On all current types of paper & cardboard, PVC & Acrylic material

  • STR 5700: Polystyrene Materials.

Chaiyaboon Inks (Thailand)

  • GPV Gloss-PVC Inks: GPV is a gloss finish, solvent-based screen printing ink, which is suitable for printing onto products made of PVC, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, ABS, Cellulose Acetate and most types of CAB. It dries very rapidly to give a high opaque film with excellent flexibility and chemical resistance. GPV is light fast and weather resistant and has excellent printability. The dried ink can be vacuum formed. GPV also gives excellent adhesion on artificial leather made of PVC after application by brushing or spraying.


  • PLP Polypac Inks: PLP is a gloss finish solvent-based, single-pack ink specially designed for printing pretreated polyethylene and polypropylene. When thinned, PLP can be used with high-speed automatic or semi-automatic printing machines. PLP is very fast drying and has excellent adhesion resulting in durable ink films with good resistance against a wide range of products including bleaches, motor oils and most detergents. PLP is also suitable for printing various types of aluminum.

  • Untreated PP Inks: PPU is an easy-to-dry, solvent based screen printing ink specially designed for printing onto products made of pretreated and untreated Polyethylene and Polypropylene Plastic. This ink range has a satin finish and good adhesion which gives it excellent rub resistance.

  • NYE Nylonex Inks: A single or Two component ink suitable for printing on Polyester, nylon and even water proofed fabrics like umbrellas and raincoats.

  • PLA Inks: single componant inks suitable for printing on non-woven bags. It has very good adhesion to most non-woven bags and does not crack or peel off even after subjecting the print to creasing.

  • Balloons Inks: For printing on Latex Balloons

  • DRL Drulite Inks: It is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as printing name cards, advertising board, wood and paper. DRL is highly opaque with a gloss finish and high adhesion when completely dried. Its excellent adhesion and good weathering resistance makes DRL suitable for printing onto a variety of substrates.


Sericom Inks (Italy)

  • GL Inks: A high gloss, two-componenet inks suiatable for printing on Glass, Ceramics, hard plastics and some metals.

  • Balloons Inks: For printing on Latex Balloons

  • HP/HV Inks: A single or two-component ink suitable for printing on Polyester and Nylon.

Solvent Based
Plastisol Inks


Excalibur inks (Canada)

 Excalibur inks from Lancer group (Canada) manfacturers industry leading quality plastisols and special purpose additives all in non-phathalate formulations.

  • 500PF Series Wet-On-Wet Plastisol Inks: Excalibur’s 500PF Series is the printer’s choice for high-production, wet-on-wet direct printing on 100% cotton light colors or on top of a flashed white underbase. 500PF is available in a wide range of colors all formulated to minimize build-up on the backs of screens. One of Excalibur’s most versatile inks 500PF can be used for producing cold-peel transfers as well as being the ink series most widely used with Excalibur’s additives suede or puff additive to transform 500PF Series colors into special effects inks.

  • 551PF ColorPRO Pantone Matching System (with NEW Booster Colours): Excalibur’s 551 PF ColorPro is a high-opacity color mixing system that produces simulated Pantone® colours, and custom shades. It consists of 11 standard ready-for-use colors and five additional components called Boosters. Booster Colours are very intense shades of Yellow, Red, Blue and Green. When added in increments between 5%-40% they will increase the brightness and color accuracy of specific colours. 

  • 579PF High Opacity Bright White: 579PF High-Opacity Bright White is formulated for use on automatic presses where a higher viscosity white is necessary for better coverage and more opaque, bright white prints. 579PF can be used as an underbase, stand-alone or highlight white on 100% cotton garments. 

  • 846/847 High Stretch Adhesive: 846/847 Adhesive has very high stretch characteristics and has a very strong bond to fabrics. 846/847 is ideal for tagless label transfers and athletic transfers. 846 is a clear adhesive and 847 is a white ahesive to be used for applications requiring greater opacity.

  •  1596PF SportPRO Defender Grey Dye Blocker: SportPro Defender is a first down grey underbase or a last down backer for cold peel transfers to block dye molecules in 100% polyester dark colored garments that are prone for dye migration. 

  • 838PF Super Clear High Density Base: 838 Base is to be used as a very clear gel finish with glossy finish. Produce amazing 3D results!

  • Additives: 

    • High-Stretch Additive (HSA) greatly increases stretchability of many Excalibur direct printing inks.

    • Excalibur Low-Cure Additive (LCA) reduces curing temperatures in many Excalibur direct printing inks by as much as 15° F.

    • Excalibur Low-Bleed Additive greatly improves bleed resistance in Excalibur direct printing inks. 

    • Excalibur’s Suede Additive transforms the flat ink into an ink capable of feeling and looking like suede leather.

Antex Inks (Turkey)

  Antex Inks have brought to the market a one-of-a-kind general purpose plastisol inks that strikes the right balance in terms of opacity, viscocity, print finish and a great price. The inks are so smooth, printers using manual or automatics are just in love with these inks!

  • NF series: Very smooth plastisol inks that are effortless to printing manually. The prints are not heavy like traditional plastisols and have a even semi gloss finish. Its ease to print and soft hand finish have had it one of the popular plastisols in the market.


  • PM series: Antex's opaque series inks are suitable when printers require bright colors on dark fabrics without having to lay a heavy ink deposit. The inks are non-tacky and matt finish.

Water Based Inks


Matsui Inks (Japan)

  • 301 Series


  • Matsui's new 301 ECO-Series Water Base Ink System; includes binders, pigments and inks are specifically designed for today's high speed automatic screen printing presses.

  • These inks can be used to print very fine details and halftone designs and provide consistant results as they do not dry up on screen during the pritning process like traditional water-based inks.

  • Their print results have a very soft-hand feel unlike plastisols that are generally heavier. 

  • The eco-friendly 301 ECO-Series inks offer advantages over the traditional plastisol inks currently being used in high volume textile shops. This series include high opacity White as well as inks suitable for polyester and high stretch fabrics like Lycra™.

  •  Matsui 301 inks have passed various stringent certification including RSL (Nike) certifications and Intertek (Addidas).

  • Discharge Products: Matsui's Water-Based Discharge System offers four distinct discharge binders, three formaldehyde based discharge binders for use on 100% cotton dischargeable fabrics with reactive dyes.

Screen Chemicals:

SaatiChem (Italy)

Established in 1935, the company has made and maintained a leadership position as a manufacturer of technical fabrics and chemical products, along with being a supplier of quality instruments and equipments for the screen-printing process.

  • Emulsion


  • Grafic HS and Grafic HS2: Dual-cure emulsion resistant to UV-cured, solvent-based and plastisol inks. These time tested emulsion provide consistantly excellent print definition on any mesh at a very economical prices. It's superior solvent resistance and ease in reclaiming screens ensures to keep your screen setup charges at a minimum. Once you use them, you will not turn to another! Our customers are the proof to this.

  • Textile DT: Water-resistant emulsions that have very good print run and suitable for water-based, plastisols and discharge printing.

  • Grafic PU: A pure photopolymer emulsion, Resistant to UV-cured, plastisol and solvent-based ink. Water resistant when post-exposed. High solids content and medium viscosity for excellent print definition on any mesh. Easy to reclaim. SBQ technology, exposes 4 times faster than two part emulsions and leaves no diazo stains. Low friction stencil surface for improved durability when used with abrasive inks

  • Reclaimers

  • Remover Er4: Smooth gel that spreads easily and stays put, for maximum effectiveness. Contains built in degreaser that cuts through any ink/solvent residue to ensure fast and efficient stencil removal

  • Remover Er1: Concentrated powder that dissolves in water to produce stencil stripper solution. Recommended to be dissolved at 1% by weight in water for full strength working solution for spray application. Its is very economical means of stripping the emulsion off the screen.

  • Remover Hr3: Removes stains, haze, ghost images from mesh for screen recycling.Smooth gel spreads easily. Stable formula does not separate or darken. Will not separate in can when used with wet brush

Screen Films:

Chromaline, USA


IKONICS (formerly Chromaline Corporation) develops, manufactures and markets photochemical imaging products to customers around the world.

  • Chromaline Direct/Indirect Films-Direct/Indirect is a two-part stencil system for use with UV, plastisol, and solvent-based inks consisting of formulation-matched film and emulsion. The film assures excellent print quality, the emulsion offers excellent durability.


  • Pro/Cap® Diazo Capillary Film - Pro/Cap is a presensitized capillary film for screen makers demanding high edge definition and reliable durability at a competitive price.


  • AccuArt™ t 3 & 2 -Premium, waterproof inkjet media for the production of high-quality photopositives and photonegatives.


  • Rapid Mask™ Halftone Sand-blast film: Expose – Apply – Blast!! With fine detail halftone making ability and strong blast resistance, Rapid Mask provides an effortless sand craving experience.

Chaiyaboon Screen preparation products

  • Screen Fix Glue

  • Stripping Powder – for Emulsion and Film removing

  • Screen Filler

Screen Chemicals

Related Screen Products

SaatiPrint (Italy)

Established in 1935, the company has made and maintained a leadership position as a manufacturer of technical fabrics and chemical products, along with being a supplier of quality instruments and equipments for the screen-printing process.

  • MeshSaatilene HI-R is a high modulus, low elongation monofilament polyester screen printing fabric with a proprietary surface treatment ideal for all traditional applications. Mesh available from 10T (thread count per inch) to 200T in 1.10m, 1.55m and 2.2m widths. Yellow dyed meshes for special applications are also available.


• Ready to use: the degreasing pre-treatment can be eliminated.

• Superior stencil adhesion, resulting in less stencil breakdown on press, delivering longer print runs far beyond        other conventional treated fabrics.

• Better resolution of fine details.

• Improved wettabililty and optimum stencil surface

• Safe under exposure with all emulsion types, Photopolymer, Dual-Cure, Diazo and Capillary Films.

• Holds finer detail with no compromise in stencil durability (halftones, fine lines etc.).


• Excellent for use with abrasive printing conditions, inks and pastes.


• Good mechanical behavior.


• Helps reduce ghost imaging.


• Good anti-static properties.

  • Squeegees: We stock high-quality & durable American squeegees from Flat to V-cut available in Soft, Medium & Hard Shores.

  • Squeegee-Handles: We supply aluminum squeegee handles.

  • Coaters: Available from 2” to 30”, made in the U.S.A.

  • Aluminum Screen: Made on demand, standard as well as special purpose screens for cap, mugs or other customized specification.

  • Pantone® Color Guides: Latest Edition Guides available in stock. Newer versions include ColorChecker® Lighting Indicator to aid in lighting evaluation.

Related Screen Products
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